Cambodia Halal Guide Mobile App Development

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Cambodia Halal Guide Mobile App is the app for Muslim international tourist who visits Cambodia, receives information update about recent news, Masjids, Halal Food, Tour, Hotel and shop, attraction, Praying direction Compass.

Client: YOUNES Tourism is one of Cambodia’s leading inbound travel and tour operations that you can always depend on the reliability and efficiency of your travel needs. Our professional personnel composed of high qualified tour operators and experienced guides speaking English, MALAYU, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Arabic etc.

Services: to provide service on Website design and Mobile App developement.

Duration: 3 months

Users: Public users expecially mulsim tourist

Impact & Results: Mulsim Tourist get information about Halal food, Mosque, Tours, Attractions, and praying direction in Cambodia.

The Challenge: New Technology proposal so the developer needs to do more research and understanding clearly about the storyboard of the app.

The Solution: Developer using WordPress to design the website and Flutter for Mobile app development.

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