Citizen News Wire Mobile App Development for The Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM)

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Citizen News Wire App is a tool to record information using text, photo, and video. This tool was introduced to the citizen journalists (CJs) of CCIM facilitate the real-time filing of information using texts, photos, and videos directly to their smartphones in a secure and safe manner.  These reports would then be available to the local and international journalists, media outlets, and NGOs which have access to the Citizen News Wire mobile and web platform.

When a report is submitted, it will automatically be posted to an aggregated platform that can be accessed online through phones and computers. This means that the reports will immediately be made available for professional journalists on mainstream media platforms to build on the news tips and craft stories around them!

Client: Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM) is a non-governmental organization working on developing and expanding sustainable independent and professional media institutions to provide people, particularly disadvantaged groups, with high quality of news and other media programs, promoting democratic governance and transparency, and enhancing people’s participation in community development and management.

The Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM) works to promote press freedom, access to information and freedom of expression through the production and dissemination of independent media and the implementation of community projects. CCIM is the legal entity behind VOD, Cambodia’s only independent, local, Khmer-language news network, with a multimedia platform that spans radio, website, online TV, social media, IVR and more.

Services: Mobile app development on both devices iOS and Android with existing web back-end that using Ushahidi Platform.

Duration: 2 months

Users: Working with the network of 82 citizen journalists signed up to CCIM will use the app to collect, report and track issues in the 16 provinces.

Impact & Results

Citizen News Wire App is the main channel for the citizen journalist user to report and receiving information from 16 provinces in Cambodia. It is also the main tool to collect data on the issue of all the relevant data that we can use for data analysis.

The Challenge

CCIM use share hosting servers cause to make push notification of the app not work and we still use Ushahidi old version because most its function is matched with what is a requirement.

The Solution

Citizens New Wire App is a tool that can be used to speed things up, increase reliability and provide anonymity. These are three ideas that come together in one app.

Supported both on Android phones and iPhone, the network of 82 citizen journalists signed up to CCIM will use the app to collect, report and track issues in the 16 provinces.


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