CNCC Website Design

Friday, June 12, 2020

CNCC website is a website to sharing a company profile, company work, company product, news sharing,and contact page.
Client: CNCC is a nail production company in order to supply the demanding market in the economically growing regions across Cambodia. We later included Hard Drawn Wire in addition to our nail production. In 2005, our company started to include a new type of nail to be used with concrete- concrete nails, to respond to the growing needs in the market. In 2008, we enhanced our product quality with the use of the latest modern technology and expanded our market in order that we meet our goal in the competitive market.
Services: to provide support on website design
Duration: 4 weeks
Users: Cambodian Public users
Impact & Results: Public user can get access to information about company service and products
The Challenge: N/A
The Solution: developer use CMS to build a website.

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