CYN Cambodia Website Website Design

Monday, March 30, 2020

CYN Website is a website for sharing the information about Cambodian Youth Network, its vision, mission, project and contact information.
Client: Cambodian Youth Network (CYN) was founded in 2009 as a student and rural youth network with the aim to increase youth participation and civic engagement in Cambodia. CYN is a member-based organization and works with university students and youth in communities. CYN aims to provide skills-sharing and knowledge-building opportunities to youth groups, members, and activists, as well as build networks in order to put youth issues on political agendas.
Services: to provide support to user interface proposal
Duration: 2 weeks
Users: Cambodian Youth.
Impact & Results: Youth can involve in CYN’s activity and get information to increase capacity.
The Challenge: N/A
The Solution: Developer using Abobe XD to propose the solution.

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