Kouprey Creative Solution Website Development

Friday, January 10, 2020

​Kouprey Website is a tool for sharing company profiles, services, though and works for public users.

Client: Kouprey is a Cambodia’s renowned brand and identity design agency. Our notable clients include AEON Specialized Bank, AIA Insurance, ISI Group, Chakreyting Cement Factory and many more. Additionally, we create a new brand identity for hundreds of local and international clients.

Services: To provide the consultancy to develop a website for public use.

Duration: 3 months

Users: Cambodian Public users.

Impact & Results: one online profile has shared with needing service on brand strategy, brand identity design, naming & copywriting, packaging design, marketing & activation, digital services, environmental design, experiential marketing, photography & videography.

The Challenge: Creative Website Design User interface so we use code programing from one line of code to make it fit the user interface.

The Solution: Developer using Laravel and Veu.js as a code programming tool to develop the website.

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