Membership Mobile App Development for KIYOI

Friday, January 10, 2020

KIYOI Membership mobile app is an app which allows the users/member to check their purchased product, guaranty of product remaining day, referral payment overdue, get notification update in on new promotions, and new product update.

Client: KIYOI, the innovative enterprise provides high-quality Japanese water filters to help you protect your health and your family.

Services: to provide service on mobile app development.

Duration: 5 months

Users: Public user who is interested in purchasing a water filter for your lovely home.

Impact & Results: Better marketing and sale strategy to make a customer become a seller and increase sales result.

The Challenge: This a new idea so we need to learn about the storyboard, propose a clear wireframe and user interface to make sure the work will bring back the right result for the client.

The Solution: Developer using Flutter to build the apps both Android and iOS.

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