Skill Development Program Management Information System Development for Swisscontact Cambodia

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Skill Development MIS is the web frontend database system for controlling the process of skill training management. The skills training is designed to promote improved access to learners. The training programs are developed with industries’ input and the delivery follows principles of best-practice, that is, learners will learn occupational skills and knowledge, and have the opportunity to apply and practice the skills and knowledge in a real workplace environment.

Client: Swisscontact Cambodia office, is the business-oriented foundation for international development cooperation. Working in 34 countries with over 1,200 team members, Swiss Contact has been fostering economic, social, and environmental development since 1959.

Services: Front end database development from existing Microsoft Access database by keep data in the same database structure and datastore.

Duration: 1 month

Users: Working at a grass-roots level with provincial governments, training providers, enterprises and disadvantaged young women and men, SDP aims to contribute to the creation of an inclusive, relevant, qualitative and well-coordinated TVET system nationwide.

Impact & Results: Skill Trainee Management System has built and operated in three provinces and Phnom Penh city in order to collect data of trainees and private sector who is the providing internship training and volunteer opportunity and make more accuracy of implementation data management.

The Challenge: Existing database are not meet the standard of the structure and standard of coding. So, the development team needs to spend more time and creative ideas to make it work smoothly.

The Solution: Laravel PHP framework and Vue.js is the main coding solution for our team to build a front-end interface by connecting with the existing Azure SQL database from Microsoft access platform which is the out of date solution. Our team has kept the old database structure in order to make existing data visualization tool Power-BI is working properly.

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