VOD Mobile App Development for Cambodian Center for Independent Media

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The VOD news mobile application dedicated to our slogan everybody well-informed, everybody empowered by keeping you up to date on the latest breaking news at a single touch. The app will publish all kinds of news: such as breaking news, local and international news, investigation, report, infographic and videos, and analytic. With the concept of user friendly, the users able to ask questions, report problems, share ideas, send feedback, and submit resources.
Client: Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM) is the non-governmental organization that has been working to promote press freedom, freedom of expression, and independent media in Cambodia. CCIM has believed that if people are well informed, people empowered. To reach our goal, CCIM has been established its programs which are included media programs, training, media and information literacy, citizen journalists and media ownership monitoring, and advocacy.
Services: to provide services to develop interactive applications that would be covered for VOD Khmer and VOD English and be accessible through iOS and Android systems.
Duration: 3 months
Users: Cambodian Public users
Impact & Results: Cambodian People would like to get trustable information about Cambodia and international news can receive information from Mobile app on Android and iOS.
The Challenge: Source of information gets many sources so the developer needs to research other application API to make sure it was workable.
The Solution: Developer using Flutter for Mobile app development. Facebook API for retrieve Facebook Live Stream.

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