AFIF AUTO Website Design

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

AFIF Auto Website is the source of information for car lovers to get information about the price of cars from Arab and Europ.
Client: AFIF AUTO, is a company that imports all kinds of modern, Luxury and Second hand from Saudi Arabia, USA, Europe and Japan for supply and distribution in the Cambodian market. Our company sells and owns all kinds of luxury cars such as Bentley, Roll Royce, Land Cruiser, Lexus….we have many partners in abroad. Currently, AFIF AUTO is well known to customers for the same and supply of quality and affordable vehicles, and all staffs are very friendly to customers.
Services: to provide service on website design
Duration: 1 month
Users: Public user who is interested in buying the cars in Cambodia.
Impact & Results: Car lover can find detail information about car in this website
The Challenge:
The Solution: Developer using WordPress to develop the website.
Website link:

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